The Ride

The Plan – First 3 Nights Planned And Then Where The Wind Takes Us

Our ride plan was pretty simple.

Head out of LA as soon as we get the bike and go to Death Valley.  Spend the night there and then get to Las Vegas.

After a couple of nights in Vegas, we’d head towards the Grand Canyon and Monument Valley and then head East, taking whatever roads looked the most fun.

So, not much of a plan.

This Is What Our Itinerary Ended Up Being

  1. LA to Death Valley, California
  2. Death Valley, California to Las Vegas, Nevada
  3. Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Las Vegas, Nevada to Williams, Arizona
  5. Williams, Arizona to Blanding, Utah
  6. Blanding, Utah to Durango, Colorado
  7. Durango, Colorado to Las Vegas, New Mexico
  8. Las Vegas, New Mexico to Dodge City, Kansas
  9. Dodge City, Kansas
  10. Dodge City, Kansas to Tulsa, Oklahoma
  11. Tulsa, Oklahoma to Monett, Missouri
  12. Monett, Missouri to Batesville, Arkansas
  13. Batesville, Arkansas to Memphis, Tennessee
  14. Memphis, Tennessee to Lake Village, Arkansas
  15. Lake Village, Arkansas to Alexandria, Louisiana
  16. Alexandria, Louisiana to New Orleans, Louisiana
  17. New Orleans, Louisiana
  18. New Orleans, Louisiana to Meridian, Mississippi
  19. Meridian, Mississippi to Lake City, Florida
  20. Lake City, Florida to Orlando, Florida
  21. Orlando, Florida to Miami, Florida
  22. Miami, Florida
  23. Miami, Florida to Fort Lauderdale, Florida
  24. Fly to Washington, Spend day in Washington and catch train to Penn Station, New York
  25. New York
  26. New York
  27. New York
  28. New York
  29. New York
  30. New York to San Francisco, California, Hire car in San Francisco
  31. San Francisco, California to Los Angeles, California (driving)
  32. Los Angeles, California
  33. Fly LAX to Brisbane, Australia

A ride across the USA, followed by a week in New York and 4 days back in California.