Day 16 – Alexandria, Louisiana to New Orleans, Louisiana

by tailored on December 5, 2011

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Heading for New Orleans

We knew we were riding to New Orleans today so we agreed to do a slightly scenic route but try and get to New Orleans as early as possible so that we could see all the sights of the city.

For the first time in about a week it wasn’t cold enough to warrant a jumper/sweater under the bike jacket.  It was warming up.

We rode out of Alexandria at about 10am following a smaller road that ran alongside the main highway.  We were always keen to get off the main highways at every opportunity – it’s shit riding, boring and way more dangerous on a freeway.

The scenery had changed for the better with a lot more civilisation which meant that all the grass fields and farmland had small bush houses on them that are always very nice to look at. There were still just as any abandoned towns and deserted houses littering the side of the road but now they were outnumbered by the vast amount of inhabited towns.

To The Town Of Bunkie

We followed it all the way through the town of Bunkie which was a rather large town (it had a Wal-Mart and multiple schools all on the main road).

We continued through the vast farmland and eventually we reached the town of Krotz Springs after around 90 miles of riding. It was just past midday so we stopped in at Cajun Corner Café which was a small café inside a petrol station on the side of the highway.

From Harry’s Journal

“I got bored and walked around through the dining area to the Gas Station and bought a Twix bar.

By the time I got back the food was there and Dad was halfway through his burger, I had youth on my side so I was able to fight back from the early lapse and come back to finish my meal before him.”

Ummm, Harry – it’s not actually a competition you know mate.

Headed For New Orleans As Quickly As Possible

We headed to Baton Rouge along the freeway with the intention of getting into New Orleans as quickly as possible so we could spend some time looking about.

Once in New Orleans proper we rode through the famous French Quarter which is the famous party area of the city.

Harry in Bourbon Street - the French Quarter

Harry in Bourbon Street - the French Quarter

Another ‘Super 8’ to stay in (read my Trip Advisor review here), we checked in, dumped our bags, freshen up and headed back to Bourbon Street in the French Quarter ($16 cab fare).

The damage from Hurricane Katrina is still very evident – the hotel beside ours was pretty much destroyed and abandoned.

The Bourbon Street Walk

We hoped out of the cab and walked down Bourbon Street which was full of strip clubs and bars with the usual touts trying to get you into a few.

We found a nice little restaurant where we could watch the world go buy and settled in for a late lunch.  We then wandered through New Orleans for a few hours and took in the tourist sites, including a beer in the oldest bar in the USA.

That's me sitting under the street light outside America's oldest pub

That's me sitting under the street light outside America's oldest pub

Harry at his corner in New Orleans

Harry at his corner in New Orleans

Back to our hotel to plan out how top spend the next day in New Orleans – was going to include a trip to the swamp.

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