Day 17 – New Orleans, Louisiana

by tailored on December 6, 2011

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A Day In New Orleans

Today was a day to take a look around New Orleans and we opted for a swamp tour.  We would then leave the next morning and head north and around Alabama.

We rode down the Chef Menteur Highway (the highway we were staying on) until we were well into the Bayou Sauvage National Wildlife Refuge.

We then found a small road that connected the road we were on to the main highway which was 6 miles away through swamplands.

Hurricane Katrina Still An Influence

Lots of indications here of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina with a large amount of storm ravaged houses that had clearly been deserted for years.

We then continued on to the edge of some swamplands and followed the signs to the Honey Island Swamp tours.

The tour took us into a shallow section of swamp that had trees right next to the boat and at some points we bumped into them as we turned the corners.

Alligators Aren’t Actually Aggressive……..Trust Me

The alligators are in hibernation so we wouldn’t see any of them today, but then he told us something really interesting: alligators aren’t aggressive animals.

They don’t attack people unless they are attacked first.

Racoons in the swamp

Racoons in the swamp

As we headed down the wider section we had to slow down occasionally as we passed the areas where houses had been built along the side of the river. There were a fair few new ones but the main thing I noticed was the amount of ones that had been completely destroyed by hurricane Katrina and was now lying in a pile on the water top.

Swamp house worse for wear New Orleans

Swamp house worse for wear New Orleans

An easy ride back to the hotel, where we changed into our going-out-clothes (which happened to be the same as our staying-in-clothes and our riding-the-bike-clothes) and and headed back to the city.

Sammy’s Seafood Restaurant

We enjoyed a lovely meal at Sammy’s Seafood Restaurant in Bourbon Street (read my Trip Advisor review here).

Living it up at Sammy's

When we finished up I headed off for a quiet beer, whilst Harry went to a local coffee shop with WIFI to update his Facebook page.

Bourbon Street

Bourbon Street, New Orleans

I ended up in a bar called ‘Sing Sing’ and enjoyed an hour or so of the best band I’ve ever heard.  3 guys (2 on guitars and 1 on drums) were simply astounding.

‘Sing Sing’ Had The Best Band I’ve Ever Heard

I met Harry and dragged him back to the bar for a listen – the highlight being when the guitarist played the American National Anthem on an electric guitar using a violin bow.  It was incredible.

In Harry’s hour away he’d had a few experiences – was offered cocaine, propositioned by a hooker and someone else tried to drag him into a strip joint…….as a customer I assume.  He’s a rubbish dancer :o)

It was back to the hotel before midnight, with a ride up to Meridian tomorrow.

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