Day 23 – Miami, Florida to Fort Lauderdale, Florida

by tailored on December 12, 2011

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The Sad Day – Goodbye To Harriet The Harley

I’ve been on quite a few long motorbike trips and after a couple of weeks you’ve just about had enough of the bike.

But not this time.

The Harley was so comfortable to ride and we’d had a fantastic time.

We woke up at 8:30 and packed all our gear into our bags and rode out of South Beach.

We jumped on the coast road (Route 1) which goes from The Southern most tip of Florida all the way up to Canada and we followed it out of South Beach to our destination of Fort Lauderdale.

Fort Lauderdale, Miami

Fort Lauderdale, Miami

We found Eagle Rider – where we dropped the bike back to late afternoon – and checked in to a nearby Comfort Suites (read my Trip Advisor review here).

We Loved You Harriet!

We Loved You Harriet!

We spent the rest of the day checking out Ferrari’s in Tom Clark’s amazing exotic car dealership, having lunch, doing some laundry, relaxing and exploring Fort Lauderdale, then had dinner at Ernie’s BBQ joint across the road from the hotel.

Comfort Suites In Fort Lauderdale

From Harry’s Journal:

“I went to bed at around 11:30pm which was before dad had returned from the bar (I believe it is because he is a raging alcoholic with an aptitude for late night drinking in foreign bars while being surrounded by people with funny accents, but that’s just my opinion).”

Next day we were flying out to Washington DC.

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