Day 3 – Las Vegas, Nevada

by tailored on November 22, 2011

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A cruisy day seeing the sights of Las Vegas, that included lunch in a Sports Bar in the section of Miracle Mile shops – with the waitresses dressed as Cheerleaders, we didn’t much care of what the food was like.

Turned out the food was good, so that was a bonus!

Wandered the streets checking out the different hotels and tourist attractions.

I booked us tickets for the David Copperfield show on later that evening.

(I would post up some photos here, but some dickhead lost the SD card from the camera we used for on-the-go shots – that would be me.)

We returned to the hotel and took the bike out for a look around – rolling up the Strip on the Harley, had a photo taken infront of the ‘Welcome to the Fabulous Las Vegas’ sign (lost it!) and more.

Then it was into Caesers Palace casino – wow, what a place this is.

Caesers Palace

Caeser's Palace - Wow, what a place

Harry took great delight in buying a shirt associated with The Hangover film.

Harry from The Hangover

Harry strikes a pose

We had dinner at the ‘Trevi’ restaurant, which was next to a replica of the Trevi fountain.  It’s in a large indoor area that has been painted (and has the lighting effects) so that you feel you’re outside.

The first thing they asked is whether we wanted a table inside or out which, seeing as though the outside area was still inside was a strange question to be asked!

We sat outside and had a great meal.

David Copperfield – We Were Going To Disappear After A Dull 1st Half

Then it was off to watch the David Copperfield show at the MGM Grand, navigating the Mexicans handing out the cards of local hookers.

Now, David was pretty dull for the first half and I was going to suggest to Harry that we leave.

Glad I didn’t, because the 2nd half was 100 times better and he pulled off some amazing tricks that left us all stunned.  Ended up being a great show after a bloody dull beginning.

Back To The Flamingo For More Drinking & Cavorting

Back to the Flamingo for more drinking, gambling and checking out the cage dancers.

At one point I was playing blackjack – the gorgeous Croupier was wearing a top and a g-string, the half naked Cage Dancer was directly above her.

And beers were free.

Geez I love Vegas!


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