Day 6 – Blanding, Utah to Durango, Colorado (150 miles)

by tailored on November 25, 2011

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Ooooh, this was a cold day!

It dawned with perfectly blue skies, but with a ride hitting over 6,600 feet we were always going to get chilly at some stage.

It started off a great day riding as we went south out of Blanding onto:

  • Hovenweep Road,
  • Reservation Road and
  • Indian Route 5068.

Mostly winding roads through the small desert communities, the contrast of the deep brown desert with the blue sky made the ride very beautiful.

Utah Highway goes on

Some of the road was straight - easy riding

Then it was into Aneth and from there we made our way to Cortez.

Wonderful Riding

Just wonderful riding on mostly deserted roads that are smooth and wide.

It was out of Cortez and towards a distant mountain range which was covered in snow.

As we got closer to the mountains we passed through a lot of towns which were all deserted with abandoned cars everywhere and it all had snow covering the rooftops.

Harry hits the snow in Colorado

Harry hits the snow in Colorado

We then entered the mountains and enjoyed the beautiful countryside into the town of Durango.

From there it was up over the mountains into Durango, Colorado.

The scenery for the most part was flat desert with the mountains of Colorado providing a stark contrast to what we’d been looking at for the past few days.

Durango, Colorado – Tourist Town

We found a cheap motel (Knights Inn for $60 a night) and dropped our gear.

Then it was into the town, which was very pretty and well set up for tourists.

A quick stop in Starbucks – Dear Americans, I love you and your country is wonderful  But Starbucks is seriously shit coffee.  Sorry, but it had to be said 😉 – and then we took in the sights for the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Dinner was at a Mexican Restaurant

Harry’s been writing up his journal from the trip and I’ll let his words describe dinner:

“We went and had a look at the menu and it was mainly Mexican food and some people leaving said it was good so we went in.

We got seated in a booth by a very attractive young lady and we ordered our drinks, as usual I had a coke that was refilled all night and dad had a local beer. I then had an enchilada for main which was in a packet that showed it was frozen with the rice as well and it tasted like crap.

Overall it was a fairly bad meal but the waitress made up for it with her appearance.”

Good to see the lad will forgive a bad meal as long as the waitress is attractive ;o(


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