Day 9 – Dodge City, Kansas

by tailored on November 28, 2011

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As a kid, every Western movie I ever saw had Monument Valley in it and Dodge City.

So I got me the hell into Dodge.

We headed for Boot Hill and found the nearby Tourist Info Centre – we went in and had a chat and got the low down on what to do in Dodge City.

Boot Hill, Dodge City

Harry about to enter Boot Hill, with his boots still on

First up was the Boot Hill Museum and Front Street ($10 each entry fee).

Starts off with a movie about Dodge City and then you walk onto Boot Hill itself,  which was the reputed burial spot for the dead cowboys of the 1800’s when the cowboy period was in full swing.

Really just a car-park now with a mock old style Western facade put up.

The museum itself was an interesting experience of information and artifacts.

We were most astounded by a thing on Buffalo which showed that 4 million buffalo were killed in 2 years.

We left the museum and followed the instructions of the ladies in the visitors centre by doing a self guided walking tour. It took us through all the sights of the city centre and past some statues of famous cowboys and police officers.

Wyatt Earp and Brendon Sinclair

Wyatt Earp and Brendon Sinclair (I'm not the statue)

The tour took us past some shops that sold purely cowboy outfits with ridiculous looking boots on display out the front.

Onto The Dalton Brothers Hideout

We then rode 40 miles to the town of Meade, which is most famous for having the hideout of the infamous Dalton Gang – a particularly nasty bunch of lads.

The Dalton Gang Hideout

The Dalton Gang Hideout

We went in and paid our $4 each entry fee to the lady working there and then we headed upstairs to the excellent museum.

The Dalton gang who were killed while attempting to rob a bank and this house belonged to their sister, Eva.

A hidden tunnel ran from the house to the stables and it’s thought that this was so the Dalton Gang could easily hide out at their sister’s house without being seen to enter or leave.

The Dalton Gang Hideout Tunnel

The Dalton Gang Hideout Tunnel

It was a great value museum and an interesting look at the hard life it must have been in these parts in the 1800’s.

Getting the Hell Out Of Dodge

In the morning we were getting the hell out of Dodge and heading for Tulsa, Oklahoma.


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