The Adventures of Brendon & Harry

In late (Nov/Dec) 2011 my 17 yo son (Harry) and I rode across the USA from Los Angeles, California to Miami, Florida.

We covered over 5,000 miles (8,000+ kms) and 16 states in 3 1/2 weeks on a Harley Davidson Electra Glide.

Harry Takes In Route 66

Harry Takes In Route 66

Our longest day was 534 miles (860 kms).

I thought it might be useful to others thinking about riding across the USA to pop this web site up and let you know of our experiences.

Hopefully that helps you plan out what is a wonderful trip.  You’ll see our trip’s daily log under the “Trip” in the navigation bar.

I’ve also written this page for a bit more info: What We Did – Motorbike, Plane, Train & Car!

What We Did – Motorbike, Plane, Train & Car!

What Happens Now?

Since I’ve returned from this wonderful, wonderful trip I stumbled across some beautiful words my mate Ian (he hires out motorbikes in Tasmania if you ever want to do a great trip) wrote after one of his long motorbike trips.

They sum up best how I feel:

“I will be absorbed back into the river of everyday reality like a raindrop in a river, with virtually everyone around me totally oblivious (and why shouldn’t they be) to the intense reality I have just experienced on my journey.

I say reality, because this journey has been far more for me than just another holiday. Holidays for a week or so on a beach are part of the workday reality of everyday life. My journey, for me, felt completely different to that.”

The Joy Hasn’t Ended

The joy hasn’t ended – one of the best things I’ve been hearing over the past few weeks is the sound of my 17 yo son (who has an aversion to writing anything long than his name), pounding out 50,000+ words writing about his recollections of the ride.

That’s longer than a Harry Potter book!

He’s reliving the joy of the journey and a snippet of a song, a photo of a city, a passing motorbike has him smiling all day long.

That’s the power of joy a journey can give.


Brendon Sinclair
Gold Coast, Australia – February 2012