Costs For The Ride Across The USA

I’ve documented as much as I could on the costs and have provided spreadsheets below so you can see what a similar sort of trip might cost you.

Below is in Australian $ – which is roughly the same as US $.

Major Costs:

  • Airfares from Australia to the USA:  $3,617 (for 2)
  • Motorbike hire (with loads of insurance): $4,369 for 23 days
  • Fuel for the bike: $500.24 (we rode over 5,000 miles)
  • Accommodation was $1,577.93 for the first 23 nights (that’s an average of $68.60 per night for 2) before we hit the more expensive New York.
  • Food is very cheap – probably about 40% cheaper than Australia on average.

Fuel costs about $3.40 US a gallon (a quick flick trhough my receipts and I see a range between $3.099 and $3.559 a gallon).

There’s 3.78 litres in a gallon.  So the fuel is about 89 cents a litre. (In Australia we pay about $1.70 a litte/$6.42 a gallon)

Total Costs

When looking at my costs keep in mind that 2 of us spent 23 days riding across the USA from LA to Florida, and then spent a week in New York and 3 nights back in California.

We didn’t really skimp on anything.  Of course the same sort of trip could be done a fair bit cheaper (and a fair bit more expensive!).

I’ve provide the breakdown of my costs below (based on receipts, memory and a couple of guesses) in the hope it will help you plan out a similar trip.  It really was an amazing experience for both of us.